15 Jan
  • All cargo must be previously palletized for any FTL or LTL movement.
  • Rates in US dollars, including fuel surcharges for the current week and bonus charges.
  • A detailed letter of instructions is mandatory to reserve the necessary equipment.
  • Millaray International services are based on equipment availability.
  • Payment conditions:
    • Millaray International's payment policy states that its services must be paid in cash unless credit is previously authorized in writing.
  • Additional charges for collection and delivery:
    • We provide 2 hours (USA & Canada) 2 hours in Mexico for loading and unloading, after this time an hourly charge of 75USD / HR applies. (Mexico) and $100 USD / HR (USA / Canada) in the case of 53” dry boxes and 100 USD / HR (Mexico) and $150 USD / hour (USA / Canada) is the additional charge that It applies to the case of platforms and refrigerated boxes.
    • At the US-Mexico border, there are two free days for trailers to cross, after this time, a charge of $100 USD per day for dry vans and $150 USD for flatbeds and refrigerated vans will apply. The cost of detention will be defined on a case-by-case basis for any other type of equipment. Saturday and Sunday will be taken as non-business days if the shipment arrives at the US-Mexico border on a Friday, however, that situation will not apply for the following weekend.
    • A charge of USD 600 per day will be used in case of detention with truck in the case of dry van and USD 750 per day in the case of platform or Refrigerated van. The cost of stopping any other type of vehicle will be defined on a case-by-case basis.
    • Team Driver: A cost of USD 0.30 per mile applies with a minimum cost of USD 350 for a 53” dry box and USD 0.45 per mile with a minimum cost of USD 450 for platform and refrigerated.
    • Unused order: If the client does not cancel a load within 24 hours of their appointment, a charge of 150 USD for dry van or 250 USD for refrigerated van or pallets applies.
  • Responsibility for cargo: The responsibility that is indicated by the law of the country in which the merchandise is circulating will be covered, so if the client wishes the cargo to be insured, he must request it in writing and must cover the amount resulting from the insurance.
  • Import or export border crossing for dry van: $150 USD.
  • LTL shipments are subject to weight and volume verification, any discrepancies will generate rate adjustments.